TheHouseOfEmme is the team of Michelle Cottingham, an award winning Realtor® , Broker and certified Continuing Education Instructor based in North Phoenix. Serving clients all over the Valley TheHouseOfEmme has a history of total sales volume of over $15,000,000 annually and steady year over year sales growth based on repeat, referral business and hyper local marketing strategies.

The team was born out of a reverence for the kind of attention, care and focus our clientele deserves when they entrust us with their business. When it's time to move, we are ready to move. When it's time to wait, it's time to wait. When it comes to selling a home, buying a home, leasing a home or making an investment in Real Estate at any level we focus on preparation, strategic planning and execution of tasks and duties with an intuitive manner of transaction and sales management.

At TheHouseOfEmme, we are a 100% referral and repeat business based. We are able to do this, in part, because we go all-in for our clientele in a way that adds depth and true value to their experiences so that we may earn their positive word of mouth with the friends and family they care about. We keep in touch ON PURPOSE, we communicate ON PURPOSE. We take our fiduciary duties seriously and expect that every member of our team honors our clientele with the loyalty, professionalism and attention they deserve.

We don’t spam email, cold call, door knock, show up uninvited to the homes of unsuspecting residents, we do not buy leads or run around at the drop of a hat, unprepared, for random strangers who contact us on a whim. Our work is intentional and purposeful, not reactive. We don’t spend a lot of our time or resources on promotional and marketing initiatives that lead to instant gratification. We are firm believers in doing an incredible job for our clientele from start to finish and beyond.