Meet Michelle


Michelle Cottingham is an award-winning Realtor® and Real Estate Broker based in North Phoenix. Her career began in the year 2000 in Mortgage Lending and within 3 years she had translated her passions for people, business and the local landscape into Real Estate where she has been ever since.

Michelle’s patient, confident and educational approach to her work with clientele places the values of deep understanding, relationship and service at the forefront of operations for herself and her team, TheHouseOfEmme.

Her excitement for the technical facets of Real Estate is best demonstrated by the additional skills she possesses as a Continuing Education Instructor, certified by the Department Of Real Estate. Michelle brings the very best of over a decade of day-to-day practical field experience, proven leadership abilities, market and industry knowledge to her work flow and is proud to serve her community and the greater Phoenix-Metro as a licensed professional.

Not one for gimmicks or superficiality Michelle's purpose, above all, is to bring everyone she is blessed to know all she has to give in the present moment by way of love and acceptance.

Through her relentless drive to make a real difference in the world around her she is convinced that showing up for others is the best way to do so. Learn more: